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About Us

     Attorney Christopher J. Liebman has been practicing law in Guymon, Oklahoma since 1996.   He is a member of the Oklahoma Bar Association and he serves the entire Oklahoma Panhandle area which includes Texas, Beaver, and Cimarron counties. Mr. Liebman’s knowledge and experience can benefit you greatly in your defense. The main area of Attorney Liebman’s practice is criminal law including, but not limited to, DUI, drug possession, drug trafficking, and assault and battery. He has been a successful criminal law attorney in Oklahoma because he truly puts his heart into everything he does for his clients. He believes in working toward a good outcome and a new start for his clients, both legally and personally. 

     Our criminal law firm has served the Oklahoma Panhandle community for over 20 years. We have three certified paralegals in our office with over 40 years’ combined experience. One of our paralegals is bilingual and she is available Monday through Wednesday from 8am-5pm, and Thursday and Friday from 1pm-5pm. Clients can also leave a voice mail message in Spanish. We will return your call promptly. Attorney Liebman also participates as a court appointed attorney as Guardian ad Litem for deprived children in juvenile deprived cases in Texas and Beaver counties. 

     Attorney Liebman, his firm, and his family are very involved and invested in the Guymon community. He and his wife Steffanie are involved in Main Street Guymon, and are dedicated to the success of the community and its people. God has blessed us with gifts that we hope to use to help others in this community. When you need legal help, we are here for you!