Christopher J. Liebman is an experienced criminal law attorney who is here to serve the entire Oklahoma panhandle.  Mr. Liebman has over 20 years of experience practicing law in Oklahoma, and as a member of both the Oklahoma Bar Association and the Kansas Bar Association, he is here to help you with your case.  



 Christopher Liebman, PLLC handles a wide variety of criminal law cases in Texas County, Cimarron County, and Beaver County in the State of Oklahoma. Our office is located at 104 NE 4th Street in Guymon, Oklahoma. 



 Christopher Liebman focuses his practice on criminal law, which includes drug possession, drug trafficking, DUI, assault & battery, and all other criminal matters. We have three certified paralegals on staff with over 40 years of combined legal experience. We have a bilingual paralegal on staff to assist our Spanish speaking clients. We have earned a good working relationship with the courts in this area. If you need a local experienced criminal law attorney, call our office for a consultation today. Our contact information is located under the “Contact” tab. 

How Are We Different?


Our staff believes that every case we take part in is worthy of being fought for and will do anything in their power to assist you. While there are many law firms who offer similar services, we believe we stand out due to our unbeatable determination to fight for your case and our willingness to help with whatever and whoever is involved. If we do not offer a specific service, we would be more than happy to suggest other attorneys in the area, depending on your specific need.